Equipment Manufacturing

Choosing Equipment Manufacturers for Complex Fit-Out Work

Outfitting an industrial mining or quarrying site with the appropriate infrastructure is a challenging task, one which requires trusted equipment manufacturers for success. At Quarry Mining & Manufacture, we represent an industry-leading solution for large equipment works at any scale. Working with stainless and carbon steel alongside a variety of other materials, we provide custom fabrication works based on highly detailed briefs and made to exacting specifications. We know your workers put their trust in our tolerances; we put all our efforts into exceeding expectations on every job site. How do we provide robust support from concept to commissioning?

What Sets Quarry & Mining Manufacture Apart As an Equipment Manufacturing Company?

Providing our partners with a consummate service that more than adequately meets their operational requirements is our goal on every project. To achieve that goal, we implement a rigorous set of procedures that govern the way we support our clients. Here is how we stand apart in the services we offer:

Advanced capabilities in 3D modelling software. Our in-house drafting team is highly inventive and always ready for a new challenge.
End to end service, from design to manufacture. We take your ideas and make them into a reality based on the specific directives we receive. Let’s simplify your procurement processes together.
Access to all the equipment necessary to carry out complex jobs. From our massive fabrication workshop to our service vehicles and tradespeople, we have everything on hand to complete your project without adding complexity through additional third parties.

As your steel fabricators, project managers, and maintainers, we deliver exceptional value and results with proven quality.

Related Services We Provide as Equipment Manufacturers in Adelaide

At Quarry & Mining Manufacture, assessing a brief and fabricating the necessary equipment to support your work is not all we do. Indeed, we have a broad range of capabilities, making us suitable for many other tasks. Some of our additional areas of understanding include:

We fabricate spare parts and critical components subject to high levels of wear and develop a more robust inventory of spares to reduce downtime and improve safety.
Crushing, screening, and classification equipment built to specifications. If you can imagine a kind of equipment useful for work within a quarry or mining context, we can make it real. Craft an efficient classification system with our assistance.
Full capabilities as a principal control to oversee the commissioning of new equipment. Why invest in equipment only to turn around and bring in someone else for installation? Leave the task, with confidence, in the hands of those who built it all.

About Quarry & Mining Manufacture

Founded over a decade ago and based out of South Australia, we service partners nationwide. For those in pursuit of innovative yet cost-effective solutions in mining and industrial manufacturing in Adelaide, our skills are the most well-suited to the purpose. From mining to salt works and asphalt production, we’re adept at supporting many industries in their efforts to modernise and improve the safety and efficacy of operations. To explore bringing us aboard as your manufacturing company, please contact us today.

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