We are committed to ensuring the best candidates are appointed to available employment opportunities

Our recruitment processes are robust and transparent, and we are committed to equal opportunity in all criteria.

We believe our business is developed through the professional and personal development opportunities we offer our staff.

Employment opportunities are advertised on SEEK and through this employment page.

Applications are invited for the following positions:

Boilermakers – Adelaide (Permanent and casual)

We are currently recruiting boilermakers for our Adelaide operations. The work can include a mixture of workshop fabrication, client site maintenance and shutdown work.

Fitters – Adelaide (Permanent)

We are currently seeking experienced mine and/or quarry fitters for client site work and shutdowns.

Shutdown Mechanical Trades – National

Our shutdown services work is expanding nationally. We are seeking expressions of interest for casual shutdown work for boilermakers, fitters and riggers.

Fitters & Boilermakers – Wollert VIC

QMM is seeking experienced quarry and/or mine fitters boilermakers for permanent positions working night shifts on a Monday to Friday basis with opportunities for additional weekend overtime.

How to apply:

Please supply your full name and email address or mobile phone number in the fields below. Attach your resume and a covering letter and click on the send button. We will reply with an email or text message.