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What to Look For When Selecting Engineers in Industrial Adelaide for New Projects

From planning much-needed upgrades to plant equipment to performing a total site shutdown for critical maintenance, access to qualified industrial engineers in Adelaide is a must. The appropriate insights into how to undertake these projects require experience, education, and access to the right tools and data. At Quarry & Mining Manufacture, we put experienced industrial engineers in the field to support projects undertaken by some of the largest names in the Australian industry. Highly diversified and with work supported by eight fully operational subsidiaries, we have the advanced techniques and capabilities necessary for ensuring your next project achieves total success. Consider how we scale to meet the needs of our rich client base.

What Sets Quarry & Mining Manufacture Apart as Industrial Engineers in Adelaide

The capabilities for producing a functional solution alone are not enough to inform your decision about whom to partner with for your engineering requirements. Safety must be a primary concern, as is maintenance both in the short and long-term. When you have challenging engineering questions to solve, how do we rise to the occasion and provide meaningful answers to inform your next steps?

Our highly diverse team of skilled professionals. With everyone from highly educated experienced engineers to very experienced electricians tradespeople, QMM fields a team well-suited to solving any problem, large or small.
Our extensive capabilities which make us suitable for applications in many sectors. Learn more about what we can do for your business today.
Our proven record of delivering value, safety, and dependability in our projects for major blue-chip partners throughout Australia.

From our comprehensive scrutiny of your requirements to our tireless dedication to innovation, QMM engineers your future.

Related Services We Provide as Equipment Engineers in Adelaide

Our capabilities do not start and end with basic engineering tasks. At QMM, we are part of a group containing eight subsidiaries in total, representing a vast array of skills ideal for many industries. A few of the sectors in which we work include not only mining and quarrying, but also salt, cement, concrete, and recycling, to name just a few. What other services do we provide?

New industrial plant design. We provide complete end-to-end plant design, including fabrication and commissioning services so that you may keep all your plans within the purview of one company.
Maintenance and shutdown services. Make a plan for quickly and effectively performing major maintenance during total plant shutdown and minimise the time your equipment stands idle.
Guarding audits. Protecting workers from dangerous machinery is an essential task, and guarding is the solution to providing that protection. Our equipment engineers fully assess your guarding, determine its level of compliance with Australian standards, and suggest corrections as needed.

About Quarry & Mining Manufacture

An industry leader with an Australia-wide presence, QMM is here to support your business not only today but well into the future. From determining appropriate industrial equipment solutions to making plans for site shutdowns and major overhauls, our engineers slot in seamlessly with our partner teams to produce solutions that stand the test of time. Reach out today to learn more about engaging our services.

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