Green Waste Recycling Plant

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Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Industry: Recycling

Fully designed, constructed, and installed Recycling green waste plant

  • Complete engineering and civil design
  • Design of main feed hopper with 2 off metering wheels
  • 3 off Star screens
  • Redesign of stars to 1 off screen
  • 2 off picking stations
  • Compaction for picking station waste
  • Magnet for removal of scrap steel from product
  • 2 off wind sifters
  • 10 off conveyors ( QMM designed & built )
  • 4 off different size products
  • All electrical with remote log in for plant performance & through put

This plant was designed & built around ideas that the client had for a green waste plant

QMM worked with the client to firm up all ideas & to determined what the proposed through put may be

The project installation was successfully completed on time and on budget without incident

Plant outperformed the design capabilities

Green Waste Recycling Plant