Slat Conveyor

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Location: Adelaide, South Australia

Industry: Asphalt

Design & Engineering of extra Bitumen Storage, Slat Conveyor & Weigh Bridges

  • Design & drafting of Bitumen Silo (heated bottom cone section)
  • Silo insulation
  • QMM design clam door to the bottom of the bin
  • Small Slat conveyor from existing Slat to the new storage bin
  • Design of diverter chute from existing Slat conveyor to new Slat conveyor – Air ram control
  • All-access platforms & stairways
  • Fabrication of weighbridges (for check weighing of truck loading)
  • Guard Railing to On & Off ramps
  • Civil Design & Engineering
  • Installation of all components on site

The project was completed on time, on budget, and without incident.

An image of a truck on a silo and slat conveyor
An image of the top of the silo and slat conveyor